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Two videos (music video and video essay), which were created by lobbyboy&saab900turbo and THC Luna G, tells the story of Smíchov Station and its surroundings through rap and graffiti, paying tribute to its majesty in the last moment before the completion of its radical transformation into a modern communication node with an attached residence. Here, rapper Oki Kazi tells the story of the mythical Juliet, who searches for Romeo in the wrong train set and wonders where she’ll go when they tear up the tracks. Lobbyboy outlines a dark path to a future paved with capital. Bengryně Kalí, in her minute-long sovereign speech, reflects on the fundamental changes in her life against the backdrop of the transformation of the railway. E.Y.Z’s text then weaves the track with references to anime shadow guardians of the city or visions of Prague from Egon Bondy’s Cyberkomix. Through daytime shots, the nostalgia of raw Smíchov (as we know it from Jáchym Topol’s book Anděl or the track Smíchov – Újezd by Vladimír 518 and guests Orion and Hugo Toxxx) meets the dark vision of the future represented by black ninjas and night vision.

The project also included a show of lobbyboy&saab900turbo with guests Bengryně Kalí and Oki Kazi from THC Luna G and installation, which is an original collab by graffitiartist Kitki and saab900turbo.
(Erika Velická, 2023)

photo: Romana Kovacs

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